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Doptor is ERP platform will coverd ERP, CRM, Accounting, Payroll, HRMS, Website, Template, eCommerce.

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Doptor is an Integrated and well-designed Content Management System (CMS) & Enterprise Management System (EMS) provides an end user with the tools to build and maintain a sustainable web presence. For a serious company, having a maintainable website is extremely important and the effectiveness of such a site depends on the ease of use and power of the backend CMS. There are many available CMS out there but they are too generalized to fit the needs of many companies. Introducing the new CMS platform for businesses, which caters to their exact need without sacrificing the power and quality of a standard platform. Through this CMS, websites can be built that aims to serve as a learning and knowledge-sharing platform for the company and act as communication tool to disseminate information to the internal and external stakeholders.

The website will be a tool for sharing public information and build rapport with the external stakeholders. It will be the main channel for the company to publish and share information on activities, lessons learnt from the project interventions, good practices and relevant research. In addition to having a CMS, a business needs other tools for regular operations as well. These other suites of applications run in the different departments of the company but together they ensure the moving forward of the company. In order to assist a company with all these needs, the CMS platform will include additional business modules, for example Invoicing, Bills, Accounting, Payroll, etc.

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